About us

Nordic surgical collaboration has long traditions.The Scandinavian Surgical Society (SSS) / Nordisk Kirurgisk Förening (NKF) was founded in 1893, and is the oldest international surgical association in the world. All the surgeons in the Nordic countries belong to the Nordic Surgical Society through their national surgical associations.


The purpose of the society is to promote scientific and clinical practice and training in the field of surgery in the Nordic countries, as well as to promote scientific and clinical exhange between the Nordic surgeons.


SSS/NKF support and collaborate with the Young Surgeons organisations in the Nordic countries.

The official journal of the society is the Scandinavian Journal of Surgery.

Surgical Associations

You can find our National Surgical Associations and read more about them by clicking the flags!

- Swedish Surgical Society

- Danish Surgical Society

- Norsk Kirurgisk Forening

- Finnish Surgical Society

- Landspitali / Iceland

Scandinavian Audit Visits

An audit visiting program to promote surgical collaboration among surgeons in the Nordic countries has been established by the board of SSS.


If you plan to visit another Nordic surgical clinic you can either contact the secretary of your national association or read the information on the Scandinavian Audit Visit page here.