During Covid 19 the board of SSS initiated remote board meetings.

The possibility to meet more often resulted in the first SSS Webinar arranged at the International Surgical Day 21.5.2021. The SSS Webinar was followed by all Nordic countries.

The first  board meeting after the pandemic was hosted by Norway in Oslo

26.10.2022 in connection to Höstmötet 2022

NKF deltog i Kirugveckan i Örebro 21-25.8.2023

SKF Plenarsession - Fortbildning i Norden

Per Vadgaard Andersen; John Christian Glent; Nina Lindfors; Kristín Huld Haraldsdottír; Ann Kjellin

08:00-09:30 - Conventum Kongress

Moderatorer:Martin Almquist; Linus Axelsson