Scandinavian Audit Visits

An audit visiting program to promote surgical collaboration among surgeons in the Nordic countries has been established by the board of SSS. If You plan to visit another clinic, please send the below "Letter for Nordic clinical audit visits" to Your contact person in the clinic You want to visit. The Letter can be sent to any surgical clinic in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Island and Norway.

On this page You will also find contact information on clinics that have shown special interest in receiving Nordic visitors.

Letter for Nordic clinical audit visits promoted by The Scandinavian Surgical Society

– An Open-door-project

To Whom it may concern


There is a long tradition of Nordic surgical collaboration. The Scandinavian Surgical Society (Nordisk Kirurgisk Förening, NKF), founded in 1893, is the oldest international surgical association in the world. All Nordic surgeons belong to NKF through their national surgical associations.


The aim of NKF is to promote surgical collaboration between the Nordic countries.


A new audit program has been established by the board of NKF. The aim of the program is to enable for any surgeon in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland or Finland, to visit hospitals in other Nordic countries, according to the wish of the visiting surgeon. This visit is an audit without any salary from the receiving hospital with the aim to observe and experience surgical practice in another Nordic country.


This letter serves as the official information letter for the host.


The visitor must be accepted by the hosting clinic according to visitor rules of the hosting hospital. The arrangements of the visit are planned together with the visitor and a contact person at the hosting hospital. This contact person is preferably a surgeon at the receiving clinic. The audit visit can last for 1-2 weeks. All travelling, costs are paid by the visitor. The hosting hospital has no financial obligations.


After the visit a short travelling report must be sent to the board of NKF/ Questions can also be sent to the board.


For more information of NKF visit


We hope that your hospital participate in this audit program and open your doors for Nordic surgical collaboration and visiting colleagues!


The board of Nordisk Kirurgisk Förening